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Terms & Conditions

Qualification of the parties

On the other hand SEAWAY CONFECCIONES LTDA. Limited company with head office at Rua Professor Aurélio de Castro Cavalcanti, number 211, 1st floor of annex, Recife - PE - CEP 51130-280, enrolled with the CNPJ / MF under No. 09.026.659/0001-91, in this instrument designated , Simply, SEAWAY; And on the other, a natural person who accesses and purchases the products sold on the SEAWAY Portal (, designated simply as USER, understood as any person who registers for purchases at said Portal and who has Your personal data recorded in the database of SEAWAY, which is designated as CLIENT when you make a purchase on the Portal of SEAWAY, and it is agreed by this instrument that the provisions contained therein apply to both the USER and the CLIENT;

    1. The Portal was created to carry out the sale of articles of clothing via e-commerce for all Brazil, except the municipalities located in the Center-West region.
    2. The Terms and Conditions of Use established in this document govern the use and access to the portal (simply called WEBSITE) owned by SEAWAY CONFECÇÕES LTDA. (Simply referred to as SEAWAY), with which the USER / CLIENT expressly authorizes when browsing or using the WEBSITE for the purposes set forth in Clause 1.1.
    3. In this way, by accepting the present Terms and Conditions of Use and Sales (hereinafter T & C) declares USER / CLIENT to have read, understood and agreed to all the contents of the present T & C as well as other links to other documents hosted on the WEBSITE.
    4. In the face of the acceptance by the USER / CLIENT of all the rules published by SEAWAY on the WEBSITE at the moment the USER accesses the Website, especially but not exclusively, those that dispose about the restrictions of responsibility Of SEAWAY and the limitation of rights of USERS / CUSTOMERS, the User shall not access the WEBSITE in the event that it does not agree with the provisions established for its operation.
    5. The present T & C are subject to constant improvement and improvement. Thus, SEAWAY reserves the right to modify at any time, unilaterally and without prior notice, the present T & C and other documents hosted on the WEBSITE. Thus, the USER / CLIENT declares to be aware that when browsing or contracting the services provided by the WEBSITE will be subject to T & C and other documents (such as the Privacy Policy) that are in force on the date of the realization Of the purchase or use of the services offered in the WEBSITE, therefore, the USER / CLIENT must analyze its content in advance whenever it accesses the WEBSITE and before confirming a purchase and, if it does not agree with the new content of the T & C and / or other documents , You must delete your account on the WEBSITE.
    6. The transactions subject to the WEBSITE may only be carried out by individuals who are capable and who are in full exercise of their rights and obligations under Brazilian civil law. In this way, the CUSTOMER declares that it is of legal age and that it has full civil capacity to acquire the products commercialized through the WEBSITE. The purchase of products for resale will not be allowed.
    7. The Terms and Conditions of Sale on the WEBSITE owned by SEAWAY CONFECCIONES LTDA. Were drafted in order to facilitate the understanding of its meaning and reach by the CLIENT / USER, as determined by Article 46 of Law 8.078 / 90.
    8. The CLIENT / USER may have access to the current version of the T & C provided on the SEAWAY WEBSITE, as well as the commercial conditions therein available at any time, by accessing the Terms and Conditions link available in the footer of the WEBSITE, so the USER / CLIENT can not affirm Which is not aware of the present regulation when making a purchase through the SEAWAY WEBSITE.
    9. The information on the conditions and quality of products marketed on the WEBSITE have been organized in order to facilitate the visualization by the USER / CLIENT and are identified with information about the model, length, fabric, finish, sizes and colors available, reference number , Illustrative photo and value of the product, in order to ensure the purchase by the customer under the terms of Law 8.078 / 90.
    10. SEAWAY will ensure that the WEBSITE will remain in operation for 24 (twenty four hours), however, whenever SEAWAY deems necessary (eg for maintenance or upgrades of hardware or software), it may withdraw the WEBSITE from service without prior notice And without generating indemnification rights for the USER / CLIENT.
    11. SEAWAY will perform whenever it deems necessary, without prior notice, changes, updates and modifications in the presentation of the WEBSITE, not being able to request any indemnification by the USER / CLIENT about the presentation of the Portal.
    1. The WEBSITE may be accessed by any USER, however its full functionality is restricted to registered USERS, in the form prescribed herein.
    2. The realization of a purchase on the WEBSITE is conditioned to the previous registration of the USER through the link "Register", and by providing your personal data. This registration is free and can only be performed by persons over 18 (eighteen) years of full legal capacity.
    3. When registering on the WEBSITE, the USER must provide the following personal information: name, surname, personal registration number (CPF), email address and state where you reside, and create a password on the WEBSITE containing numbers and Letters with 06 (six) or more characters, being responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the same, as well as any information contained in your registration.
    4. After completing the registration, to make a purchase, it will be necessary for the USER / CLIENT to inform the address for collection and delivery of the product, in addition to the fixed and mobile phone number and the number of his / her Identity Card. This data will be stored automatically on the server of SEAWAY, and at no time will be handled by a human.
    5. The USER / CLIENT assures that the personal data provided on the WEBSITE are true and correct, assuming full responsibility for them, and undertakes to keep and update such data in order to keep them complete and to portray reality, under penalty To be civilly and criminally liable for their inaccuracy, and to be liable for damages (caused to SEAWAY or third parties) arising from incorrect data information or property of third parties, regardless of the determination of fault.
    6. After registering on the Seaway website, the USER may view your personal data at any time by simply logging in to your account with your email and password information, as well as updating or correcting your personal data when necessary. SEAWAY assumes no responsibility in case you enter incorrect personal data on this portal.
    7. It is the USER's responsibility to keep your password and access login secure. Seaway does not recommend the use of obvious passwords, such as special dates, names, or number sequences. The user is also responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of his / her password, not leaving his / her personal register open on computers, after accessing the WEBSITE with his / her e-mail address and password, being also the sole USER responsible for any misuse of his / her login And / or password made by you or by third parties.
    8. In the event that the USER finds or suspects that his password has been discovered by third parties, he or she must change it immediately. To do so, the USER must access your account and click on the "Account Information" link located in the "My Account" menu on the WEBSITE. Then select "Change Password" and enter your new password.
    9. SEAWAY will never request personal or financial data from its CLIENTS by email or telephone, so the USER should be aware when receiving any request in this regard because it will not be sent by SEAWAY. In addition, it is the obligation of the USER to notify SEAWAY immediately about the misuse of its login on the WEBSITE.
    10. By registering, the USER declares to be aware of all the contents of this document, the Privacy Policy, as well as the other conditions available in all links of the WEBSITE, making the registration effective the express manifestation of the USER's consent regarding the Content of those instruments. The allegation of ignorance will not exempt the USER from any liabilities.
    11. The registration is personal and not subject to any assignment, rent, sale, lending, or any other type of transfer of rights of use for anyone.
    12. SEAWAY may suspend or cancel the USER registration and also refuse to request the purchase by the same, without prior notification, whenever you see reasons to suspect falsehood, inaccuracy or outdated personal information provided by the USER to perform the registration , However this power of SEAWAY does not exempt the USER from the obligation contained in paragraph 2.5.
    13. SEAWAY ensures that all information collected by USERS is securely transmitted on the WEBSITE, as well as that the data is stored in compliance with the applicable legislation and the Privacy Policy available on the Portal, which is an integral part of this instrument and must be read Carefully by the USER before purchasing any product on the WEBSITE. To protect users' personal data and keep the WEBSITE secure, site scans are made periodically in order to identify inappropriate files and remove them.
    14. When any provision contained in the Privacy Policy conflicts with any other provision set forth in this document, the more specific standard shall prevail.
    15. SEAWAY declares that the access password and all data that the USER enters on the Site page are protected by SSL (Security Socket Layer) technology provided by the Site Shielded.
    16. The communication of SEAWAY with the CUSTOMER will be through the Service Center mainly through the email address informed by this one when the registration is performed. All information about the purchase confirmation, payment confirmation and shipping confirmation will be forwarded by SEAWAY to that email address, so it is essential that the CUSTOMER always provide the correct and accurate data during the registration procedure and the Keep updated.
    17. Given that SEAWAY will use as the main form of communication between the company and the CLIENT the email registered by this at the time of its registration, it is the CUSTOMER's obligation to leave the anti-spam systems configured so that they do not interfere with the receipt of the communications Sent by SEAWAY via email, and it is not accepted that the CLIENT alleges the unawareness of the communication sent if it does not have access to some email due to blocking of that nature.
    18. The USER / CUSTOMER can change the data of his registration and the registered password, being sufficient, for that, to do it through the specific area indicated in the site. However, the right of rectification of the User shall not preclude or replace Seaway's right to claim the applicable damages in the event that erroneous information provided by the USER proves any damages and / or damages to Seaway or to third parties in the period prior to its rectification by Seaway. USER, being understood as such the moment of the actual receipt of such rectification by Seaway.
    19. All registration information is requested from CUSTOMERS through the WEBSITE, that is, in the event that the USER receives any request for password, credit card data or other banking data by email, it should not respond and if possible You should forward the email to SEAWAY.
    1. When you purchase a product offered on the WEBSITE, the USER / CLIENT enters into a purchase agreement with SEAWAY and agrees with the version of the T & C in force on the date of purchase, and must comply with the commercial conditions set out therein and the terms of payment .
    2. The purchase of any product can only be carried out through the payment system made available by the site, that is, the CLIENT can make payments with credit cards or by bank bill. Seaway does not intervene in the relationship of the CLIENT with the company responsible for the management of payments, since it manages its operations independently. SEAWAY will not be responsible for the availability or not of the Services provided by the company responsible for the management of payments or the impossibility of using the Service.
    3. The prices of the products indicated online do not include the delivery rates of the merchandise, however, the customer will not be charged the freight amount that will be the responsibility of SEAWAY when delivery is made through the e-sedex and PAC service provided by the Post Office . In the event that the customer's postal code is not served by the e-sedex service, the PAC service will be used. The USER will be informed about the service that will be adopted to carry out the delivery when he enters his postal code in the form of the address of delivery.
      1. The CLIENT may choose to receive the product through the Sedex service, when there is no possibility of e-sedex service and the CLIENT does not accept to receive through the PAC service, also offered by the couriers, however this service will be funded by the CLIENT and the value Of the collection will be informed at the time of purchase, prior to confirmation of the order.
        1. In the purchase of two or more products, the customer will receive a discount of 5% (five percent) in the total value of the shopping cart. If the customer chooses the payment method via bank invoice, he / she will receive a discount of 10% (ten percent) in the total value of the shopping cart.
        2. Note: These discounts are cumulative, however, they will be applied separately, ie the first 5% discount will be applied for the purchase of two or more products and, later, the 10% discount for the purchase in which the Payment method is bank slip.
        1. For payments with credit card the customer can in up to 10x without interest.
        2. For cash payments, the customer can choose a credit card or bank slip!
      4. The prices displayed on the WEBSITE may exceptionally be modified after the purchase by the CLIENT, should there be observed the occurrence of a notorious error of typing the price of the product on the WEBSITE, otherwise, the CLIENT would experience illicit enrichment to the detriment of SEAWAY, prohibited by the Brazilian Civil Code. In the event of price correction, the CLIENT may choose to supplement the difference or cancel their purchase. In the event that the CUSTOMER opts to cancel the purchase and any amounts have been debited from your credit card, they will be voided without charge to the CUSTOMER through credit on your credit card bill.
      5. SEAWAY will immediately send an email to the address indicated in the CUSTOMER's registration, which will contain the information about the order number and summary of the purchase, and this service is only used to send the information through the WEBSITE, Not for receiving, so the CLIENT can not send an email by this way, should contact the WEBSITE through the telephone or by email observing the information contained in the CONTACT section of the site. The information about the payment confirmation will be sent by SEAWAY to the CUSTOMER via email after payment confirmation.
      6. If payment of the order made by the CLIENT is not approved for any reason whatsoever, the purchase will be canceled immediately, being it certain that SEAWAY is not responsible for the eventual failure of credit or failures at the moment of the purchase, since, Procedures of the respective Credit Card Administrator used by the CLIENT to make the purchase.
      7. SEAWAY is not aware of the reason for the credit disapproval and / or other reasons resulting from a possible failure of the CUSTOMER's purchase process. Therefore, it is up to the CLIENT to contact directly the Credit Card Administrator used by the CUSTOMER to perform the purchase.
      8. After confirming the payment SEAWAY will send an email confirming the shipment of the merchandise to the CLIENT informing about the status of the purchase order and delivery and indicating the tracking number of the product on the postal site. The CLIENT will also be able to track the delivery status on the SEAWAY portal through the "my orders" link in the menu of the site header, as well as track the delivery through the postal site by simply entering the tracking number. Other information may be obtained by the CLIENT, through the customer service center, however it will be necessary to always have the number of your order in hand.
      9. In the event that CUSTOMER loses its connection to the Internet after confirming the purchase on the SEAWAY WEBSITE, the products will remain in the reservation until you confirm or cancel the purchase. When the connection loss occurs prior to confirmation of purchase on the WEBSITE, the customer will not need to look for the product again as it will be kept in the shopping cart, but the product will not be reserved for the customer.
    1. In compliance with article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code, the User is entitled to the right of repentance, provided that it takes place within 07 (seven) working days, counted from the receipt of the product. The return of the product will be carried out without freight charges, however, the CLIENT should contact the customer service center and inform them of the desire to return the product. The attendant will provide a postal protocol number which should be submitted to the nearest post office along with the product properly packaged. Failure to present the product in its packaging by CLIENT shall exempt SEAWAY from payment of freight and exchange of product.
    2. To request cancellation of the purchase as provided in paragraph 4.1. The USER should contact the SEAWAY Call Center by sending an email or by telephone. In any case, you must have the order number, found on the invoice and the purchase confirmation email, before contacting the SEAWAY service center, observing the following:
      1. Request by E-MAIL: Send email to One of the attendants will contact you to provide the postal protocol number. Once the protocol number is obtained, the CUSTOMER must store the product to be returned in its original packaging and all its accessories, together with the Notal Fiscal, and look for the nearest post office to dispatch the product, and inform the number Of the protocol provided to use free shipping. Upon receipt of the product, the Seaway Technical Department will analyze the product within 5 (five) business days, in order to certify that it has not been used. SEAWAY will send an email confirming receipt of the product. The refund of the amount paid is conditioned to the approval of the product by Seaway Quality Control. If any divergence or violation of the product is identified, the return will not be accepted and SEAWAY will return the product to the CLIENT. An email will be sent confirming that the cancellation has been approved or not.
      2. Request by TELEPHONE: Call (081) 3036-8836 and carry out the procedure as provided in letter "a" of this clause. The opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (The city of Recife does not adhere to summer time). The Central does not work on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
      3. When the USER gives the option to withdraw the purchase, as provided in this clause, it must comply with the provisions of paragraph 4.7. To obtain reimbursement of the amount spent to purchase the returned product.
    3. SEAWAY will accept the exchange of products that have not been used by the CLIENT, provided that the request for exchange has occurred within 30 (thirty) calendar days after the date of receipt of the purchase by the CLIENT, at no additional cost, CUSTOMER contact the Seaway Customer Service Center by email or telephone. In any case, you must have the order number, found on the invoice, before contacting our call center, observing the following:
      1. Request by E-MAIL: Send an e-mail explaining why the exchange is being requested, containing the information, original order number, new product reference code, new product color, size, and New product, to One of the attendants will contact to provide the postal protocol number for the CLIENT to ship the product without payment of the freight. Once the protocol number has been obtained, the CUSTOMER must store the product to be returned in its original packaging, together with the Invoice, then seek the nearest post office to dispatch the product and inform the protocol number provided by the SEAWAY to use free shipping.
      2. Request by TELEPHONE: Call (081) 3036-8836 to inform the reason for the exchange and carry out the procedure as informed in letter a of paragraph 4.3. The opening hours of our Call Center are from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Central does not work on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
      3. SEAWAY will send email to the CLIENT notifying the receipt of the product that will be analyzed by the Seaway Technical Department, within a period of 05 (five) business days. The exchange is subject to the approval of the product by SEAWAY Quality Control. If any divergence, violation of the product, signs of use, stain, dirt, exchange will be accepted and the product will be returned to the CLIENT. An email will be sent confirming whether the exchange has been approved or not. It is important to note that the information about the characteristics of the product for which the consumer wants to make the exchange must be included in the email. In the event of the exchange being approved, SEAWAY will send a purchase confirmation email with order number and purchase details, followed by an email stating the date the goods were dispatched and the tracking number Merchandise on the post office website.
    4. SEAWAY will accept as justification for the realization of the product exchange (within the period established in item 4.3, when different term is not specified in the applicable hypothesis) the following assumptions:
      1. Product with addiction, but not having been used by the customer. In the event that the CUSTOMER receives the product and before using it perceives an addiction, it must notify the Customer Service immediately, observing the procedure set forth in paragraph 4.3.
      2. Product with a defect found by the CUSTOMER after its use, provided that the defect is observed within 90 (ninety) days after the purchase is made, the CUSTOMER must contact the Customer Service Center, observing the procedure In paragraph 4.3.
      3. If the CLIENT's request has arrived with any divergence, such as open packaging, breached or with the product in disagreement with the requested, it should notify the service center immediately, observing the procedure in paragraph 4.3. In this case, the exchange will be made by a product with the same specifications (model, color and size) included in the purchase order.
      4. Product without defect and WITHOUT use, but the CLIENT was mistaken in the choice of size. Upon receipt of the product, in case the CUSTOMER realizes that he / she has purchased the wrong sized product, he / she must notify the Customer Service Center in accordance with the procedure set forth in paragraph 4.3.
    5. The CUSTOMER can choose one of the following exchange options:
      1. Exchange for the same product with the same size and color (in case of product with addiction).
      2. Exchange for the same product with different size and / or color (in case the CLIENT is wrong at the time of purchase), following the specifications of color and size provided.
      3. When the exchange request is due to a defect in the product (letter a), there will be no charge to the CLIENT; however, in the case of a product exchange without a defect, the first exchange will be free of charge to the CLIENT, but in case of Repetition of the request for replacement of the product without addiction, freight costs will be the responsibility of the CLIENT.
    6. The product must be returned by the CLIENT, after contact with the Customer Service Center, as provided in paragraph 4.2, which provides for the cancellation of the purchase procedure and paragraph 4.3. Regulating the procedure for the exchange of products. The products for exchange or return must be posted at the post office observing the posting number provided by the Call Center and sent to the following address: SEAWAY Confecções Ltda., E-Commerce, Rua Professor Aurélio de Castro Cavalcanti, number 211, 1º andar do Annex, Boa Viagem - Recife - PE, CEP: 51130-280.
    7. If the CUSTOMER chooses to cancel the purchase, the refund will be made as follows: Payments made by Credit Card: the chargeback is made as a credit by the card company on your invoice, which can take from 30 to 60 days to appear, Depending on the date of invoice closing. An email will be sent by Seaway confirming the date the credit was forwarded to the credit card company. Payments made by boleto bancário: the chargeback is made through a bank account in which the holder is the receiver constant in the invoice issued. The aforementioned bank account should be sent to the email If the customer does not have a bank account, the cancellation can be made by means of a payment order to be withdrawn at Banco do Brasil in the name of the recipient on the invoice issued. If the customer chooses a bank deposit in the third-party account, it is necessary to send to Seaway a document authorizing the deposit in the aforementioned bank account, with all the data of the holder, with a firm recognized in the Registry.
    8. In the event that the USER purchases more than one product and wishes to return only one. In order to receive a refund of the value of the product to be returned, the USER must send an email requesting the refund of the same, as well as send the product to SEAWAY with the original packaging and invoice of the purchase. The product will be reviewed for approval of the refund of the amount paid, once approved, the chargeback will be transferred to the customer (with the same rules as in paragraph 4.7.). The CUSTOMER will receive an email from the Seaway Service Center informing them of the chargeback.
      1. In the event that the CUSTOMER exchanges the product for another of lower value, there will be no refund of the difference.
    9. In the event that the CLIENT returns the product to the SEAWAY distribution center without the authorization of the customer service center, the product may be refused.
    10. In case the product is lost, the CUSTOMER should contact the Customer Service Center to communicate what happened, by sending an email to The Attendant will inform about the procedure that will be adopted.
    11. There will be a cancellation of the purchase made by the CLIENT in the manner provided in this clause when it is not possible to carry out the delivery of the merchandise at the address informed by the CLIENT in the register, either because the address was not located by the post office or because after 03 (three) Couriers could not find the CUSTOMER to receive the product. We emphasize that after the 03 (three) attempts, the post will inform the CUSTOMER that it has a period of up to seven (7) days to collect the product at a certain post office, warning that if there is no collection within this period The product will be returned to SEAWAY.
    1. The USER undertakes to provide its own access to the Internet and to an address for sending electronic messages via the Internet, as well as to pay all service fees eventually charged by third parties with respect to such access.
    2. It is the obligation of the USER to register on the portal to make a purchase, being responsible for the correctness and veracity of the data informed, as well as to keep its registration data always up to date, failing to respond civilly and criminally for damages resulting from the inaccuracy of Stored information.
    3. The USER / CUSTOMER shall take care of the confidentiality and security of his / her login and password, accepting that he / she will be imputed to him / her to be the author of all the acts practiced in his / her name by third party that has knowledge of those data. In the event that the USER / CLIENT for any reason observes the occurrence of an incident that allows third parties to know their login and password, the USER / CLIENT shall immediately change their password on the WEBSITE.
    4. The damage caused to WEBSITE or to third parties, as a result of an act committed by the USER / CLIENT, is verified, it is obliged to bear all obligations to indemnify the injured party, and SEAWAY shall not be liable for such damages.
    5. The USER / CLIENT should keep your computer environment safe through the use of available tools such as antivirus and firewall, among others, updated to contribute to the prevention of electronic risks.
    6. The USER / CUSTOMER undertakes to conduct a navigation with ethical rectitude, always respecting the conditions that govern the use of the WEBSITE and the good customs.
    7. It is the obligation of the USER / CUSTOMER under the provisions contained in this instrument to receive the communications sent by SEAWAY and the company responsible for the payment management, so the USER must leave the anti-spam systems configured in a way that does not interfere with the receipt of the Communications and materials of SEAWAY, and any exclusion of responsibility from the USER or liability of SEAWAY is not accepted in case the USER has not had access to any email due to this nature of such block or similar filter.
    8. The use of the WEBSITE is solely and exclusively for the private and private use of the registered USERS, and the copying, reproduction and transmission of its content is forbidden without the written commitment of SEAWAY.
    9. It is expressly prohibited to post or transmit to the WEBSITE any material considered to be unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, or profane, or any other material that could generate any civil or criminal liability under the Law.
    10. The USER is prohibited from accessing the programming areas of the WEBSITE, under penalty of civil and criminal damages, in accordance with Brazilian criminal law.
    1. SEAWAY will make its most valuable efforts to keep the information contained in the WEBSITE up to date and complete as much as possible, however inaccuracies or errors of any kind may be verified, since SEAWAY does not guarantee the accuracy or fidelity of the information Or content of the WEBSITE. In the event of any downgrade, omission or error, SEAWAY will take steps to correct them as soon as possible but will not assume responsibility for their use, application or processing by the USER.
    2. SEAWAY intends to maintain the availability and continuity of the WEBSITE for twenty-four (24) hours, however, it does not respond in any way to extraordinary and unforeseeable events or events of third parties that obstruct its commitment.
    3. The USER may access links from other sites through the SEAWAY WEBSITE, over which SEAWAY has no control and over which SEAWAY has no responsibility, either for the content or for the privacy policy. It is therefore the duty of the USER to redirect to any external site to read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the site accessed and to act as determined in the said Policies. Therefore, in case of any damage or loss to the USER, due to access to other websites through a link on the SEAWAY WEBSITE, this will be the main responsible, one sees that safe navigation is also your responsibility.
    4. No responsibility for SEAWAY, the quality of the service, access speed, damages caused by failures in the system, the server or the connection to the internet, even if arising from third-party conduct, including by viruses that damage the Equipment or connection of the USER as a result of access, use or navigation on the WEBSITE, as well as the transfer of data, files, images, texts, audios or videos contained therein.
    1. The entire WEBSITE: Text, images, brands, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, color combinations, as well as the structure, selection, order and presentation of its contents are property of SEAWAY, unless expressly identified as Of third parties, which are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights, and its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, retransmission, copying, deep linking, assignment or broadcasting, in whole or in part, of any and all Information contained in these pages, whatever its purpose and means used for such purpose.
    2. By accessing the WEBSITE, the USER / CLIENT declares that it will respect the intellectual property rights and those arising from the protection of trademarks thereof, as well as all rights relating to third parties that may be or have been in any way available In the portal. The mere access to the portal does not give the user any right to use the names, titles, words, phrases, trademarks, patents, literary, artistic, musical-musical, among others, that are or have been available there.
    3. It is allowed to make only the temporary file of the WEBSITE, being forbidden its use for commercial, advertising or any other purposes that contradict the reality for which it was designed as defined in these terms and conditions.
    4. Reproduction, distribution and disclosure, in whole or in part, of the texts, figures, graphics, images of the products that make up this website, without prior and express authorization of SEAWAY are also prohibited.
    5. The USER assumes all responsibility, civil and / or criminal, for the improper use of information, graphics, trademarks, works, and any intellectual / industrial right of the WEBSITE.
    6. Images of the products used on the WEBSITE may not reflect the original size of the reproduced product and are merely illustrative. When they are of facades or shop windows, at any moment the USER must consider any product or price that may be present in them as being valid, since the photos are subject to underdeliver content over time.
    7. The eventual withdrawal of the WEBSITE, as a result of any claim or own account of SEAWAY, of any article, news, photograph or other work reproduced herein, shall always be understood as a demonstration of SEAWAY's intention to avoid conflicts with respect to this matter And, at any time, in recognition of any infringement of third party rights.
    8. SEAWAY may, at any time, amend the present instrument for the improvement, as well as the improvement of the services rendered. The new contractual instrument will enter into force, without prejudice to the products transmitted under the previous contract. Thus, SEAWAY recommends that the User carefully read the terms and conditions of use whenever accessing the Site or performing any operation through it.
    9. SEAWAY reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the site and / or services at any time and without prior notice to users.
    10. The use of applications of any kind to perform multiple registrations or for any other purposes, under the application of Brazilian criminal law and to repair civil damages resulting from this use, is prohibited.
    1. The Terms and Conditions of Use described herein are governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the respective text being interpreted in the Portuguese language.
    2. The tolerance of any breach of any of the terms and conditions herein shall not constitute a breach of the stipulated obligations and shall not prevent or inhibit the enforceability thereof at any time.
    3. The present constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, prevailing over any other agreement signed previously.
    4. All notices to either party must be made in writing, via conventional mail. SEAWAY may disclose notices or messages through the WEBSITE to inform the USER of changes to the portal or these Terms and Conditions of Use, or other relevant matters.
    5. This Portal is based on the official timetable of Brasilia.
    6. The controversies about the use of this WEBSITE are submitted to the Forum of the Comarca of Recife, Capital of the State of Pernambuco.
    7. The WEBSITE is designed to work optimally on the following Internet browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome and etc... Current versions.

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