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exclusives technologies

  • adjustment system

    adjust system

    Innovative size adjustment system created and patented by Seaway. The system has easy handling and provides three size adjustments to fit the Boardshort perfectly to your waist.

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  • Velcro Flex

    Velcro Flex

    Developed with the minimum amount of velcro required to ensure closure, and exclusive laser-cut format for less bulk and more flexibility. The velcro flex in conjunction with the adjut system ensures the aesthetics and perfect fit of the boardshort.

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  • 100% Welded

    100% Welded

    Seaway has created an innovative sealing system with invisible reinforcement, making the process of sealing much stronger and 100% safer. This new process of sealing replaces the traditional sealing and sewing system, providing more safety, comfort and lightness, eliminating the risk of scratches and increasing hydrodynamics, favoring the performance of board sports.

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  • no sheath
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  • water/sand drainage

    water/sand drainage

    Water and sand drainage system, technically designed to not accumulate water and not retain sand residue inside the pocket during and after the practice of water sports.

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