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  • In the early 1980s, with the growth of surfing in Brazil, the Seaway appeared in Pernambuco. A pioneer brand in the region that, with its Authenticity, Innovation and Technology since its first creations, has placed the Northeast in the world surfing scene.

    The brand, which expresses the man's mystical connection with the sea, from the beginning had its focus concentrated on the development of Boardshorts as an essential equipment to provide high performance during the practice of surfboards.

  • Throughout the company's years of commitment and dedication to surfing, a strong relationship has developed between the brand and the sport, a result of always innovative actions such as: sponsorship of Brazil's first Free Surfer; sponsorship of the first event of the World surfing circuit in the Northeast; the first company to sponsor a photographer specializing in surfing in Brazil; as well as sponsoring and supporting dozens of athletes and events.

  • In the 1990s, the brand's positive reputation for high-quality products with innovative fabrics and technologies earned the brand the best boardshort award in Brazil for several consecutive years in the country's two leading trade magazines.

    In line with the international market, Seaway is betting on anticipating trends by investing in research and technology. In the early 1990s, the fabric used on boardshorts of all brands, national and international, was the "tactel". Seaway, always innovating, launched the first Boardshort produced with pelletized polyester micro fiber, which, after being exclusively used by the brand for almost 5 years, was recognized by the market as the best fabric option to replace the "tactel" in the boardshorts manufacturing. Since then, polyester micro fiber has been used as the main fabric and, with the recent introduction of elastane in its composition, is in practically 100% of the Boardshorts in the world.

  • Currently, Seaway continues to market with the same innovative philosophy, developing and producing Boardshorts with technologies that contribute to the best performances in board sports.

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