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Privacy Policy

The present Privacy Policy of the SEAWAY portal ( is an integral part of the Terms of Use and Conditions of Sales of said portal (hereinafter referred to simply as PORTAL), owned and operated by Seaway Confecções Ltda. And was prepared with the purpose of informing how the personal data of the CUSTOMERS / USERS are collected, used and protected in the SEAWAY portal ( We recommend that you carefully read the information presented here because they indicate how your personal data are collected, used and protected on the SEAWAY portal.

By providing personal information or browsing the portal, CUSTOMER / USER is automatically acknowledging to have read and agreed to all rules of use, protection and security set forth in this instrument. The provisions of this Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time and without notice, and it is the responsibility of the USER / CLIENT to verify it whenever they access the Portal.

This policy contains provisions on the procedure that SEAWAY gives to information capable of identifying users, whether collected directly on their Internet portal or stored in the database of by other means Of collection, such as filling in registrations or queries to the customer service.

Through the SEAWAY portal, the USER / CLIENT may access links from other external sites (such as payment processing sites) whose content and privacy policies are not the responsibility of SEAWAY. Therefore, we recommend that USERS, when redirecting to external sites, always consult their privacy policies before providing their data or information.

For the purposes of the SEAWAY portal privacy policy, the following considerations must be observed:

  1. The USER can access the address of the Portal without being obliged to provide his / her personal data, however the complete functionality of the portal is restricted to registered users, according to the procedure in the Term of Use and Sales Conditions of the Portal, an integral part of this policy Privacy.
  2. SEAWAY ensures that all information collected from USERS is securely transmitted on the WEBSITE, and that the data is stored in compliance with applicable law and this Privacy Policy. To protect users' personal data and keep the WEBSITE secure, site scans are made periodically in order to identify inappropriate files and remove them.
  3. The login in the restricted areas of the portal is conditioned to the provision of personal data of the user, as well as the acceptance of the recording of cookies of navigation in the computer of the USER / CLIENT. By deciding to provide your personal data, the USER / CLIENT declares to know and accept the terms of this policy.
  4. PORTAL makes use of cookies to recognize a visitor who returns to the site so that their shopping experience is better and more personalized. Cookies are text files stored on the USER's computer containing information about your interaction with the SEAWAY portal, including number of visits and pageviews. All collection and storage of information is done in an automated way and does not undergo human manipulation. Cookies are recorded on the USER's computer even if the user has not logged in to the PORTAL, simply by navigating the same.
  5. SEAWAY makes available as a payment method a credit card or bank slip. All credit or non-credit card payment transactions are performed using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, ensuring that all personal customer data such as delivery address, credit card data and order history , Are never unduly disclosed. In addition, this technology aims to prevent information from being transmitted or accessed by third parties. In order to guarantee the confidentiality of our clients, all personal information provided at the time of registration is stored with state-of-the-art encryption. Bank slip: There are some computer viruses that can change your ticket data before or at the time of printing, so pay close attention to the payment data of the numeric code, checking among other things if the bank code matches the code Ticket, and if you are in doubt go to a banking agency or contact our relationship center.
  6. Seaway is concerned with the privacy and security of the data and information collected on the WEBSITE, and for this purpose it has technical resources that aim to avoid or mitigate the risks inherent in the Internet. On the other hand, considering that no security system is absolutely safe, SEAWAY disclaims any responsibility for any damages and / or damages resulting from failures, viruses or invasions of the Portal database, except in cases of fraud or SEAWAY.
  7. The data and information collected from USERS / CUSTOMERS may be used by SEAWAY for the following purposes:
    1. Obtaining the delivery address of the product purchased through the Portal, as well as the identification of the respective recipient;
    2. Respond to any doubts and requests of the USER / CLIENT;
    3. Provide access to the restricted area of the Portal;
    4. Legal or judicial compliance;
    5. Constitute, defend or regularly exercise rights in a judicial or administrative environment;
    6. To prepare general statistics, to identify the profile of Internet users and the development of SEAWAY campaigns, without it being necessary to identify the user;
    7. Guarantee the security of USERS / CUSTOMERS;
    8. Keep updated the CUSTOMERS / USERS 'registers for contact purposes by telephone, e-mail, direct mail or other means of communication;
    9. Inform about SEAWAY news, promotions and events.
  8. By registering in the Portal the USER / CLIENT can choose to receive the newsletter of Seaway with news, information and promotions. Seaway is against sending SPAM emails. The sending of the newsletter can be canceled at any time by the CUSTOMER / USER, simply observing the following procedure:
  9. The USER / CLIENT should click on the Cancel your subscription link located at the bottom of the newsletter email.
  10. By accessing the Seaway website, the USER / CLIENT must click on the Login link and identify themselves with their email and password. Then in the "Account Dashboard", select "Edit" in the "Newsletters" section, uncheck the box for "Common Signature" and click "Submit."
  11. The user guarantees that the personal data that they provide in this portal are true and correct, assuming responsibility on the same ones. SEAWAY assumes no responsibility in case you enter incorrect personal data on this portal.
  12. After registering on the SEAWAY WEBSITE, the USER / CLIENT will be able to view your personal data at any time, and may also make any rectifications that you deem appropriate, so that you can log in to your account and follow the guidelines informed on the WEBSITE and the Terms Of Use and Conditions of Sale of the Website Seaway Confecções Ltda.
  13. It is the responsibility of the user to keep their password and access login safe. Seaway does not recommend the use of obvious passwords, such as special dates, names, or number sequences. If the user becomes aware or suspects that his password has been discovered, he should change it immediately. To do this, go to your account and click on "Account Information". Then select "Change Password", enter your new password and click "Save".
  14. SEAWAY will never solicit personal or financial data from its customers by email or telephone.
  15. SEAWAY will record all activities performed by the USER / CLIENT in the Portal, through logs, including:
  16. Internet user's IP address;
  17. Session ID of the USER / CLIENT.
  18. The aforementioned registrations may be used by SEAWAY in cases of investigation of fraud, improper alterations in its systems and registers, as well as for defense of the Portal in the event of an eventual demand or also as a result of judicial requests.
  19. The following USER details are stored by SEAWAY:
  20. In the form of cookies stored on the USER's computer, even if the USER is not registered or logged in to the PORTAL:
  21. Navigation data in the PORTAL (pages visited, time spent in each of them, access IP address, date and time of each access), items stored in the shopping cart.
  22. Recorded in databases and system logs PORTAL manager:
  23. Addresses and personal data of the consumer, as provided by the USER himself during his registration, purchase history and navigation preferences.
  24. Data stored in the form of cookies is stored until the user clears the computer's cookies or when the browser used by the user does so.
  25. The data stored in the databases and logs of the PORTAL will remain stored by SEAWAY for an indefinite period, and may be excluded by SEAWAY whenever it wishes or becomes necessary for the operation of the PORTAL.
  26. This Privacy Policy shall be interpreted in accordance with Brazilian law, and the Forum of the Comarca de Recife, Pernambuco shall be elected, expressly waiving any other, however privileged, to resolve any doubt, pending or litigation arising from this document.

For purposes of this policy, the following concepts should be considered:

E-commerce: Also known as e-commerce and virtual commerce, it is any form of commercial transaction made through an electronic medium such as computer or tablet.

Cookies: These are text files stored on your computer containing information about your interaction with our site, including number of visits and page views. They allow Seaway to recognize the user to provide a better and personalized experience without disclosing personal data. Cookies do not store personal information without your having provided them. It is possible to delete and disable cookies through the browser configuration page used to access our site.

E-Mail: Or electronic mail, is a tool that allows the electronic transmission of messages over the internet.

Internet: A global network of interconnected devices, consisting of several smaller networks joined together by a common set of protocols or Internet Protocol (IP).

Internet Protocol (IP): A unique number assigned to each machine connected to the internet, used for routing data between computers.

Password: Sets of characters (letters, numbers and / or symbols) of the user's unique knowledge used in the process of verifying his identity to confirm that he is really who he claims to be.

SPAM: Unsolicited emails sent to a large number of people.

Server: A centralized computing system that provides certain services to a network of computers (or clients), such as e-mail and file storage.

Phishing: A type of electronic fraud where the fraudster attempts to acquire sensitive data, such as passwords, personal and financial data. The fraudster impersonates another person or company to try to catch personal information from inexperienced users.

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