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Seaway Super Heat

19” Boardshort
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Boardshort Seaway Super Heat 0071
  • Style: 0071
  • Color:
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  • Adjust System

    Innovative size adjustment system created and patented by Seaway. The system has easy handling and provides three size adjustments to fit the Boardshort perfectly to your waist.

  • 100% Welded

    Seaway has created an innovative sealing system with invisible reinforcement, making the process of sealing much stronger and 100% safer. This new process of sealing replaces the traditional sealing and sewing system, providing more safety, comfort and lightness, eliminating the risk of scratches and increasing hydrodynamics, favoring the performance of board sports.

  • Welded Pocket

    Made with only one laser cut fabric and Welded on inside of the boardshort to reduce friction with water and increase hydrodynamics. Provides a more harmonic and discreet design. Seamless and with zipper water proff to provide more comfort and lightness.

  • Metal Free

    Metal-free and laser-cut ears provide lighter, less friction with the plate and make it difficult to slip the loop through the eyelets in case of untying of the lace.

  • Velcro Flex

    Technical solution to make the velcro adaptable to various sizes at the waist, anatomical and less bulk, favoring esthetics and comfort.

  • Stretch Fabric

    Made of 87% polyester microfiber fabric, it provides comfort, durability, lightness and fast drying, 13% Elastane (Stretch) that brings flexibility to the fabric, making this composition perfect for high performance boardshorts.

  • Welded Secret Pocket

    Strategically positioned to take advantage of the anatomy of the body and to be imperceptible externally, it is discreet and safe, perfect for storing small objects.

  • Special Lace

    Silicone application lace that provides greater adhesion, increasing the efficiency of the knot, preventing it from unintentionally untying.

  • Comfort Bias

    The bias is applied to give greater structure in the waistband and keep the Boardshort more stable in the waist, also providing more comfort and esthetics.

  • Welded Waistband

    Welded inner seam with reinforcing tape, eliminating the need for sewing, providing more comfort and lightness in the waist and thus ensuring total mobility in high performance movements.

  • Water Drainage

    Water and sand drainage system, technically designed to not accumulate water and not retain sand residue inside the pocket during and after the practice of water sports.

  • Welded Legs

    Welded legs seam with reinforcing tape, providing more comfort, lightness and hydrodynamics eliminating the risk of leg rash.

size chart


  • 1. Take one of your shorts or pants that fits perfect on you: Put it on a flat surface, and measure how many inches from one side of the waist to the other side. Multiply by two and then the result is your size. Check the measurement with the previous figure.
  • 2. Using a tape measure: Measure the narrowest part of your waist, tightening it to the maximum, check the measurement with the previous figure.
Size Waist Length
18" 19" 20"

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